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How Nightdive Studios Is Restoring Gaming’s Lost Art

Restoring those works of art is a daunting challenge that often requires hunting down rights, design documents, and even original code. Early on, though, one of the greatest obstacles was indifference. 

“When we started talking with other publishers, they said, ‘Why would anyone want these old games?’” says Nightdive’s director of business development Larry Kuperman. “They were surprised that a lot of people wanted these games because they didn’t see them as old; they saw them as being classic.”

Nightdive’s current catalog includes blockbuster classics like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, System Shock, and an upcoming remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces. Yet, it also features more obscure titles like I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Blood, and Noctropolis. It’s a seemingly eclectic collection that spawned from powerful roots. 

“[Our] first titles were games that I played with my dad growing up,” Kick says. “It was a personal mission to restore the games I remembered playing with my dad.”

Nightdive’s various successes have allowed the studio to pursue increasingly bigger titles. Yet, the heart of their mission can be found in all their projects regardless of size. 

“As we get older and become parents and grandparents, these [games] are our memories,” Kuperman says. “These are sensations that we want to share with our children and grandchildren.”

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