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Russell T Davies Teases ‘a Whole New Doctor Who Mythology’ Is Coming

Quite what this new mythology is, and how it will affect series 14, remains to be seen, but it certainly sounds like the Doctor Who team is marking the 60th anniversary with a significant change. 

If you’re feeling more nervous than excited about what this new era might hold, it’s worth remembering that this is par for the course with Doctor Who and far from the first time the Whoniverse has undergone a big adjustment. 

It’s not even the first time Russell T Davies has shaken things up: when he first became showrunner for the revived Doctor Who in 2005, he introduced The Time War – a catastrophic conflict between the Time Lords and the Daleks – the ramifications of which were felt throughout Nu-Who. The Ninth (Christopher Eccleston), Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors were all tortured with guilt about their role in ending this Time War by destroying both the Daleks and Gallifrey, and with it the Time Lord race. 

That is, until the Steven Moffat-written 50th anniversary episode “The Day of The Doctor”, when everything changed again, and it was revealed that all iterations of The Doctor had joined forces to save Gallifrey by freezing it in time and hiding it away in a pocket universe.

That was before Sacha Dhawan’s Master came calling with his own destructive plan after another huge canon-change. Ex-showrunner Chris Chibnall completely shook up Doctor Who mythology by introducing The Timeless Child, revealing that The Doctor wasn’t from Gallifrey, but arrived there as a child through a mysterious tear in space, where a Gallifreyan called Tecteun adopted them and discovered their ability to regenerate. 

Tecteun experimented on the child, extracting the ability to regenerate, and used this as the genetic template for the Time Lords – thereby changing Who canon by making William Hartnell’s Doctor not the character’s first incarnation. The Timeless Child arc was addressed in the second 60th special “Wild Blue Yonder”, cementing its canonical status for the Fourteenth – and presumably Fifteenth – Doctors.

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